In the early 1900 our great-grandparents started serving food and drinks in a tavern which was located in a narrow street that took to the river-side vegetable gardens. It is said that the name was given by a man that used to drink and eat so much; when he was fed up, in order to hide himself from the crowd, he used to finish his party in a place far from crowded streets.

Further forward, in the 40′s and 50′s, the lack of labour in Fígols coalmines (located at 10 km far from Bagà) increased bed’s demand. In that moment our grandparents started a transformation of the tavern into a hostel, but it won’t be until 1960-65 that our parents made an invest in the hostelfuture and decided to reform it completely; the tavern and rooms, giving the hostel services and the modernity that, at that time, gave it a lot of praise worthies.

Nowadays, despite the fact the street is as narrow as then, the tavern, the hostel and nowadays the hotel has been surrounded by buildings: if at the beginnings we were situated in a side street, today we are in the centre of the village, what people know as an old quarter. Of course, today we offer updated facilities to our guests in order to give them what we most like: hospitality and a fully equipped staying.



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